Once-a-Month Club

This program incorporates monthly after-school activities for students in grades K-5, with support from middle and high school mentors. Activities include both community service and educational programs such as:

  • Preparing and delivering Meals on Wheels at Thanksgiving
  • Baking Christmas cookies and caroling throughout the Gallatin Gateway neighborhood
  • Identifying and pulling noxious weeds
  • Picking up trash around the Gallatin Gateway Community Center and recycling area
  • Maintenance of the Gallatin Gateway trail tunnel system and area
  • Constructing and decorating bluebird houses
  • Presentations regarding martial arts, service dogs, Bricks for Kids and birds of prey, to name a few

Summer Camps

We offer three different camps each summer. Two are for students in grades 1-5 with middle school mentors. The third camp is for students in grades 6-8. In the latter, there is a strong focus on leadership with GYG students involved in the planning and organization.

Camp Assistance Program

This program provides scholarships to students in grades K-12 to attend a camp of their choice, including those developed and hosted by GYG. Students must submit an application, a certified declaration of community service hours completed and artwork or a letter (depending on their age) explaining the benefit of their chosen camp. The art and essays express the student’s perspective on how important the camp is to them and why they should receive funds to participate.

Student Leadership Development

Students in grades 6-8 collaborate and facilitate programs for all community youth and serve as mentors for other GYG programs including:

  • Halloween Middle School Dance
  • Environmental Youth Summit
  • Summer Camps
  • Once-a-Month Club
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater Decorating
  • Annual GYG Fundraiser

Environmental Youth Summit

This program is a county-wide, one-day event each year where 80-100 middle school students gather on the historic Flying D Ranch to learn about and discuss sustainability and environmental issues such as:

  • Water issues
  • Soils
  • Noxious weed management
  • Wildlife management
  • Sustainable grazing systems and more

Community Recycling

This program encourages the use of recycling bins for the community and provides educational information regarding recycling in the school and at home.

Want to Volunteer?

We always need extra hands to help out with our programs. If you’d like to volunteer or need more information, please contact us at info@gatewayyouthgroup.org.

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