Do you have questions regarding GYG? Please check below for some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Once-a-Month Club?

GYG's Once-a-Month Club is an after-school activity held one Friday afternoon a month during the school year (September through May) for students in grades K-5 with middle and high school mentors. The program lasts from 3:15-5:00 pm and snacks are provided. Activities vary monthly and have included such topics as building bluebird houses, pulling noxious weeds, making and delivering Meals on Wheels, learning about raptors, plants, recycling and Bricks for Kids. *This program is currently on hold due to Covid-19.*

Does my child need to be committed monthly to Once-a-Month Club or is it ok for them to attend from time to time?

Your child does not need to commit to every event. Each Once-a-Month Club is different and varies in content. Your child can attend whenever it's convenient for you.

Do I need to be present to drop my child off at Once-a-Month Club?

No, you don't have to be present. Most children that attend the Gallatin Gateway School walk across the street to the Gallatin Gateway Community Center after school to attend. Your child does need to have a permission slip filled out by a parent or legal guardian to attend, however. Slips can be filled out online prior to Once-a-Month Club. Paper copies are also available at the front desk of the Gallatin Gateway School.

Where does GYG meet?

Once-a-Month Club and Board of Director meetings take place at the Gallatin Gateway Community Center. The Community Center is also the base for summer camps.

What age/grade does my child need to be in to participate in GYG programs?

Once-a-Month Club is for students in grades K-5. Middle school mentors in grades 6-8 also help out. There is also a summer camp for kids in grades 1-5 and a Junior Leadership camp for students in grades 6-8.

How does GYG support itself?

GYG is a non-profit organization that is primarily funded through grants from community foundations and entities. Additionally, fundraising events and local business sponsors support the organization throughout the year.

When are summer camps held and what are some of the activities?

Summer camps are scheduled in July each year. Activities vary by year and have included swimming, golfing, fish hatchery visits, fire station tours, Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center tours, IMAX movie presentations, gold panning in Virginia City, and tours of local businesses including Cowboy Cricket Farm, Montana Bee Company, and Amaltheia Goat Dairy to name a few.

Is there a fee for summer camps and are scholarships available to cover the cost?

Yes, GYG summer camps typically cost between $75-90, depending on which camp. Students who have earned community service hours volunteering with GYG (i.e. picking up trash, pulling weeds, participating in Giving to Gateway, etc.) or around the community are eligible for GYG scholarships. Applications are available in late spring and may be used for either GYG camp or the camp of one's choice.

When is the Environmental Youth Summit and who can participate?

The Environmental Youth Summit is held each year around Earth Day in April on the historic Flying D Ranch. The summit is for students in grades 7-8 from rural schools throughout the area.

I've heard about a Halloween Dance. What's the scoop?

Each October, middle school students plan and put together a Halloween Dance for local students in grades 6-8. There is a DJ, dance, costume contest, snacks, and beverages. The cost is typically $10 per student and it is chaperoned by Board members, volunteers, and parents.

Do you need volunteers? If so, how can I get involved?

Yes, we can always use volunteers! Extra hands are needed at the Once-a-Month Club, the Halloween Dance, the Environmental Youth Summit, fundraising events, and more. We'd also love to have more folks on the Board of Directors. If you'd like to help out or get more information, please contact us at [email protected].