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Meet the Team

The GYG Board of Directors is comprised of individuals representing the Gallatin Gateway School, business sponsors, and the community as well as other groups and organizations within the Gallatin Gateway community. The Program Director is in charge of our Once-a-Month Club and other special programs.

Ashley Schwader


Merritt Grace Davis


Jacki Van Meter


Annica Brown

Board Member

Historical Benchmarks

1998 – The Gateway Youth Group (GYG) was funded through a grant from the Turner Foundation.

1999 – GYG began offering educational and creative programs for the youth of the community to enhance the opportunities available to the rural population. Programs included dance, art in the classroom, emergency water training, after school tutoring, and Math and Reading clubs.

September 2000 – GYG began an after school program to provide a safe and nurturing place for students to go after school until parents got off work.

December 2011 – GYG began hosting an annual fundraiser, Breakfast with Santa, to bring families around the area together for an enchanting holiday event.


April 2013 – The first annual Summit on the Environment was launched. Local seventh grade students were able to spend a day on the historic Flying D Ranch to learn and talk about issues, problems, and solutions surrounding our environment.

July 2017 – A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of the Gallatin Gateway Trail Tunnel project. Panels featuring historical photos, news stories, and letters from community members were installed in the Trail Tunnel located underneath Highway 191.


Want to Volunteer?

We always need extra hands to help out with our programs. If you’d like to volunteer or need more information, please contact us at

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